CIMNE Technologia is devoted to Technology Transfer

Company created in 2011 as an instrument of CIMNE aiming to industrialise and market at a world-wide level the most advanced technologies developed at CIMNE.

Tools for Technology Transfer

1 Technology license agreements

CIMNE Technología grants rights of use, processing and market for their own technology in a specific geographical area for a established period. This contract does not change the ownership of the technology.

2 Creation of spin-offs

CIMNE Technología acts as an incubator and stakeholder of their companies to promote the commercialization of CIMNE technologies in order to maximize and guarantee their exploitation profit.

About us

CIMNE Technología is formeed by a team with more that fifteen years of experience in a vast range of fields directly linked to the creation, management and growth of technology-based companies. The highly-qualified, multidisciplinary team is experienced in developing of sales strategies, industrialization of technologies, seeking financial resources for new ventures and the building of international consortium.

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