CIMNE Tecnología’s mission is to transfer technology in its broadest sense, by helping to identify and by putting together all the key players in the entire value chain of technology, from the creators to distributors in the market.

Two main tools are used by CIMNE Tecnología for the technology transfer:

  • Technology license agreements

CIMNE Tecnología grants rights of use, processing, and market for their own technology in a specific geographical area for a established period. This contract does not change the ownership of the technology.

  • Creation and shareholding in spin-offs

CIMNE Tecnología acts as an incubator and stakeholder of their companies to promote the commercialization of CIMNE technologies in order to maximize and guarantee their exploitation profit.

Their activities include:

  • The protection of intellectual property
  • Technology forecasting
  • Seeking opportunities
  • Seeking financial support
  • Establishment of strategic partnerships

An international and interdisciplinary approach is part of CIMNE Tecnología’s DNA within their different business strategies.

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